14K Gold Chain Extender - 2"
Love You More

14K Gold Chain Extender - 2"

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  • 2" chain extender for Love You More Signature necklaces
  • 14K Gold
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A gold chain extender is a must-have item in jewelry for every woman to adjust the length of different necklaces. Especially, this type of extender is required with the love you more necklaces to adjust their length on the neck. Therefore, if you don’t have this extender in your jewelry box, make sure to buy it today before it runs out of stock.
You might be thinking why it is important to have this chain extender when your necklaces are absolutely fine with it. Here you will get the answer to your question. So, the main reason for having this chain extender is that different dresses require necklaces of different lengths. For example, a deep neck top always looks elegant with a necklace that has a short length or that is closer to the neck. In contrast, a high neck top looks better with a necklace that has a little larger length so that it won’t hide in the top’s high-neck. What would you do if you have love you more necklace that won’t look gorgeous with a specific dress code due to its length? In such a situation, these chain extenders always help.
Now the question is that what’s make this chain extender so special over others? The reason is that it is made up of 14k gold that assures its premium quality and durability. The neck is the place where we sweat the most in hot or humid weather. If your chain extender weren't of gold material, it would turn dark in color that would look bad on your neck. Especially if you would be wearing a deep neck dress with top bun hairstyle, the ugly looking chain extender would ruin your appearance.
Therefore, this chain extender is a right pick for you on such occasions to add more elegance and style to your appearance. With a length of two inches, it would effectively serve the purpose of lengthening your necklaces to your desired length. You can even gift it to your friends and family members to delight them with its features. Everyone would love to have it and would be grateful to you whenever they use it.