Juno Mini Coin Necklace
Juno Mini Coin Necklace
Juno Mini Coin Necklace
Love You More

Juno Mini Coin Necklace

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  • Beautiful ancient gold and silver coin on a dainty chain, perfect for wearing alone or layering with other Love You More necklaces
  • Available in chain up to 18" in length. 2" extender available here
  • Charm is 0.5" wide
  • Love You More purchases support women, one design at a time. Learn more about Love You More's mission here. Thank you for loving more ❤︎

For those who love wearing coins, this artistic piece of necklace is the best pick. The trend of wearing coin always stays in fashion, and women exhibit a high demand for it. However, many of them are fed up by wearing simple coin necklaces daily. For all those women who want something different in the coin necklaces or who love wearing coin necklaces, this Juno mini coin necklace is the ideal piece. You can either by this mini coin necklace for yourself or gift this artistic piece of the necklace to anyone else. To whom you gift this, she would be highly dignified and grateful to you for this mind-blowing classy necklace.

The most distinctive and unique feature of this coin necklace is that it comes in a dual-tone, i.e., gold and silver shade. Many other necklaces come in the same gold color that looks the same, even if you change your necklace every day. Similarly, many other coin necklaces come in the silver color and give the same look as other silver coin necklaces. Therefore, this necklace is the ideal one for every woman due to its two-in-one tone feature. The boundary or the outer side of the mini coin is silver in color, while its core or inner side is golden in color. In its golden area, the beautiful ancient embedded figure makes it look more trendy and classy.

Unlike most of the coin necklaces that come with a golden chain, this adorable piece comes with a silver chain. These silver dainty chains look very cool and sophisticated on your neck when you wear it. Additionally, this chain is very smooth and sleek in texture that it won’t make any itchy feeling on your neck. Therefore, you can either wear this mini coin necklace on special occasions or daily to add enjoy a more dignified look.

For special events, you can pair this beautiful mini coin silver and gold-tone necklace with any other classier necklace. In this way, you can add more glamour, charm, and attractiveness in your appearance to rock the event.