Our Story

Love You More, founded by Gaby Ghorbani, is a beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry and accessories based on the philosophy that inspired our name. Love You More is more than just necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry; it's a way of giving hope, support and inspiration to families seeking to provide better lives for themselves.

Small groups of women from different parts of Mexico handcraft many of our jewelry pieces, each one inspired by our central philosophy of living purposefully and generously. We strive to create a sense of community among our artisans and buyers, promoting a Live with Love ideology that encourages LYM customers to love more. Our goal is to establish an everlasting effect that spreads from family to family both in Mexico, the United States and beyond.

About Gaby Ghorbani

Gaby Ghorbani was born and raised in Mexico. Shortly after arriving in the United States, Ghorbani began an entrepreneurial career which included owning and operating two successful franchises. Since her childhood, Ghorbani has been interested in social issues, and through the years, has supported and worked with many different philanthropic projects around the world. Due in large part to her vision and leadership, Ghorbani continues to steward her commitment to humanitarian efforts around the globe through her non-profit organization, Pledge to Humanity, and through her social enterprise, Love You More - both efforts support local and global causes. She also recently founded Sueños Amor y Esperanza, a nonprofit in Jalisco, Mexico, which is in the final construction stages of an after-school community center to serve under-resourced children. In addition, Ghorbani has served on the advisory boards for Americans for Philanthropy and Advance International, Inc.


About Love You More

Love You More, founded by Gaby Ghorbani, is a beautiful and purposeful line of handcrafted jewelry. The on-trend jewelry line ranges from classic gold and diamond pieces to boho-chic layered necklaces and bracelets. They are committed to empowering women and supporting artisans while giving back to causes and non-profits close to the founder’s heart. Each piece is made to inspire the wearer to give back, make a difference, and love more.