Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is twofold: to offer exceptional quality jewelry that celebrates individuality and to contribute to the greater good by giving back to our communities. With your purchase, we aim to not only adorn our customers with beauty but also empower them to be agents of change. We love to support causes that align with our values, promoting sustainability, and fostering a culture of philanthropy. Our mission is to inspire others to join us and to Love More !


A note from Gaby Ghorbani, our founder

"Though I've devoted much of my life to the work of Pledge to Humanity, I felt led and inspired to create a line of jewelry with a deeper meaning behind it. Now, Love You More has become a reality... not only as beautiful pieces of jewelry but as a message behind every single necklace. My hope is that everyone who wears any of our Love You More items, from the gold and classic pieces, to the boho creations, will not only enjoy them, gift them, recycle them, but also to be reminded of their own Love You More story and how we can change the world by loving more."