Gold Plated Cross My Heart Necklace
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Cross My Heart Necklace in 10K Gold

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  • The perfect heirloom piece to pass down to your loved ones
  • 16.5" chain, can be shortened to 15.5"
  • 2" 14K Gold Extender available here
  • Beautiful 10k gold
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Looking for a necklace that is a perfect fit for daily wear to make you look classier and stylish? You won’t find anything better than this gold plated cross necklace that is exclusively made for daily wear. The hanging cross my heart sign is very attractive and catches the attention of everyone around you. The classiest and fashionista women always choose these types of necklaces to fill up their days with style and elegance.

The best thing about this gold plated cross necklace is that it is not age-specific. It means that it is not designed for the women of a specific age group to wear it for looking beautiful. Instead, it gives a unique and attractive appearance to the women of all ages. Whether you are a teenager, an adult, or an elderly woman, this gold plated cross necklace would give the same gorgeous appearance to you. Therefore, it is a perfect choice and a must-have for every woman.

The most common mistake that many women make is that they only wear jewelry when they go to a party or when there is a special occasion. Why wearing some beautiful and elegant looking jewelry on every day is not giving preference? When you ask this question to yourself or any other woman, most of you would say that wearing jewelry at home doesn’t make you feel easy. This is where this necklace serves as a blessing in your life. Due to its varying length and the comfiest texture and design, you can easily wear it every day. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable at all but would make you look adorable every day.

Another most incredible feature of this cross necklace is that it comes with a 10k gold plated pendant with a gold chain. Due to this feature, its finishing and color would be the same even after you wear on daily for months or years. So, this is a very good investment to buy this beautiful cross necklace to fill your days with more glamour and style. Wear it as a single necklace or pair it with another one to create your own classy and distinctive look.