Detangler Layering Clasp for Gold Layered Necklaces (2)
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Detangler Layering Clasp for Gold Layered Necklaces (2)

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  • A gold layered necklace set is a gorgeous, on-trend look that adds an effortlessly chic element to any outfit. But layering necklaces isn't always so simple! Thankfully we have an easy way to layer necklaces. This amazing layering clasp for up to 2 gold necklaces will solve all your tangled chain issues.
  • Simply clasp the necklaces you want to layer, starting with your longest pendant at the bottom, and layering your shorter chains as you move upwards. You'll be a gold layering necklace pro in no time at all, with no tangled necklaces at the end of the day. 
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